Timeless – Additional Music Demo MX

Hi Rob,

I hope you’re well.  Jesi Nelson, a friend and colleague from grad school, reached out recently to mention that you’re looking for someone to potentially help out with a bit of additional music for the upcoming second season of Timeless when things get really slammed.
After watching a few episodes of the show and checking out your music from the first season on youtube, I wrote two short cues (the first and second on the playlist below) specifically with the sound of the show in mind.  I’ve also included three other contrasting pieces of music from recent projects to round out the submission.  These other cues have some more overtly comedic or ethnic elements on account of the sound of the projects they were written for.
There’s a link to a dropbox folder below containing .wav’s of these same cues should you, for whatever reason, wish to download them.  My resume and c.v. is linked below as well should that be of interest.

I hope to hear from you and kind regards,


Jordan Lewis